Tony King and Nina Vox are Beautifully Mad, two of Australia’s finest Singer/songwriters. ARIA Award winning Tony King was named Australian Songwriter of the Year 2009 and Best Lyrics at the International Songwriting Awards 2014 judged by Tom Waits & Bernie Taupin. Nina Vox is an award winning songwriter and ex-actor, who performed with Russell Crowe and trained with Jazz legend Kerrie Biddell.

A breathtaking ride that recalls the beauty of James Taylor, some honey from Melody Gardot, a lyrical spice of Cohen washed down with some Waits-like humour.

A musical flame that licks at the heels of Blues, Jazz and Folk.

Expect goose-bumps from the hauntingly beautiful to the wild Hendrix spiked guitar and dirty New Orleans exhilaration of a band possessed. Tony has a reputation for setting fire to a 12 string with his solos, while Nina melts hearts with her rich, mellifluous voice and nylon string guitar.

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As we sadly lamented a few years back, we won’t be making any new CDs, but we do have a new live album Live at the Windsong Pavilion plus new songs only available as digital downloads from this website.

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Tony's hilarious new book

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Beautifully Mad have released their new album on CD

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