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Beautifully Mad Bio
2020 Australian Songwriter of the Year
Silhouette Reviews
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“Popped into the Basement for one drink and stayed the whole night. Great songwriting!” - Michael McDonald – The Doobie Brothers

"Tony King is one of the country’s finest guitarists”-Jonathan Biggins

“Highly original, evocative and moreish. In performance they are engaging, incredibly versatile and inventive, an altogether class act” - Bob Connolly & Sophie B Raymond (Mrs Carey’s Concert)

"Beautifully Mad" were simply stunning. Excellent guitars and fabulous voices combined with lyrics that can only have come from people who have really lived, loved, lost & laughed through life. Their songs cut straight to the heart as they transported us. Thoroughly delightful entertainment!
-Bill Arnett, Folkus Room Canberra

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