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The Shape of You - Nina Vox
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Nina Vox (AKA Kris Ralph) is a multi-talented Singer/Actor accomplished in rhythm guitar, percussion, painting and film work.
Gifted with a mellifluous singing voice

Nina studied at the Conservatorium of Music in Jazz Fundamentals
and trained with Jazz Singing legend Kerrie Biddell.

In 2008, Kris needed a “nom de plume” for a solo project and so Nina Vox was born. 
Nina recorded her first solo Jazz album “The Shape of You “ a compilation of original and cover songs. Here is a link to that album

Since joining Tony King as a vocalist and rhythm guitarist in Beautifully Mad, 
Nina has co-written songs for successive albums including,
"Let Them Fall" on Moonlight Cactus;
"Mandarin Sky" (Australian Songwriter’s Award in the Inspirational Category).
The title track on "Full of the Moon" and "Rubber Bones",
"Just For Two" and "To Do Nothing " on the Beautifully Mad Album.
Other award winning songs include
2010 – “She Kept On Swimming” co-written by Tony King and Nina wins ASA Award for BEST SONG in the open category.

2017 Nina co-wrote and produced "Silhouette" the last CD by Beautifully Mad.
Nina's co-writes include " Frida ", "Scratch" and
"As the Earth would Miss the Sun "

In 2020 Nina’s version of  “I Wish I’d Lived When Django Did” was a finalist in the UK Songwriting Awards.


In 2017 saw Nina exploring film as a medium which resulted in a short film called IMPACT a 5 minute moving collage, filmed and edited by Nina and the sound track, a compilation of natural sounds recorded on walks and sampled sounds was composed and mixed by Nina at Moonlight Cactus Studios.


In 2021 Nina collaborated on producing and creating a film clip for the song “Silhouette” …An artistic collaborative dance/movement interpretation of the lyrics with The Artist Agreement, featuring Delia Silvan and Alistair Chung


Before Kris became Nina Vox, she performed on stages all over Australia.
Working with some of Australia's best actors and directors such as:
Rodney Fisher, Terence O’Connell and Peter Barclay
Shows include:
The Department with Tracy Mann, Max Gillies and Helmut Bakaitis.
The Madras House with Peter Carroll, Hugo Weaving, Geoff Morell, Genevieve Lemon and the National tour of Stepping Out with Nancy Hayes, Rowena Wallace, Margo Lee and Colette Mann.
The Australian Premiere of Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers as Mrs Lyons with Christina Amphlette and Russell Crowe directed by British director Danny Hiller.

Nina has a passion for  all things visual and aural

In 2017 Nina created her first short film.  All visuals and sound scapes recorded by Nina in and around her home town, exploring the potential effects of Climate Change.
The film is called IMPACT.  It is Nina's first exploration in film making, sound design and composition.   

In 2020 when the pandemic hit and Australians were in lockdown  
Nina was Inspired to do more filmic work  and  embarked on creating visuals for songs in Beautifully Mad's catalogue 
Films created by Nina for Beautifully Mad at Moonlight Cactus Studio

Famous For Being Famous
You Have To Let The Bad Bits Go
The Map ( in collaboration with Tony King)
Reason To shine

2022 Finalist for best video in UK songwriting awards for "The Map"

So Sue Me - Nina Vox
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Theatre Images 1977-1988

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