Dear Friends,

It's a year since I broke my wrist and I am pleased to say I'm truly back playing guitar and having fun exploring with two hands again. Meanwhile Tony has become adept in the kitchen. he's overcome his  fear and  now loves to rustle up a hearty meal.

Nina-Vox-Black-Market-Baby crop.jpg

NEWS :  I am working towards exhibiting new artworks before the year's end .. Will keep you posted

Kris accused me of playing with the food when I dished up the “Corn with the pearl earring”

Corn with pearl earring.jpeg

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Washed down with a Yoda martini…


On a brighter note we arrived home from hospital to discover that lightning can indeed strike twice in the same place.
Having won Australian Songwriter of the year in 2009, I didn’t expect to ever win it again.

ASA Songwriter of the year copy.jpg

I was fortunate to also be awarded the Best Lyrics for “A Library Burns” 

and Best Comedy song for “The Day the Queen smoked a joint”, 

and a finalist in two other categories, delaying my steady transition to feather duster for one more year.


Now to brighten your day…


Fun fact, did you know that in 1960 Audrey Hepburn went missing during the filming of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Here is a photo of the moment the search was called off. She was later found at Tiffany’s.

Audrey Hepburn hunt called off.jpeg

We have also finally figured out what these things are for on cars!!

Car spoiler copy.jpg

Obviously we are time rich at the moment so we have time to contemplate the big issues…

For example, it appears that the Earth is actually a large kitten, and Australia is the ball of wool.

Cat-earth copy.jpg

Speaking of which, our topiary is coming along beautifully, or terribly, depending on which neighbour you ask...

Cats topiary.jpg

We are addicted to the incredibly talented people signing the COVID press conferences.

This was how they interpreted the roll out of the vaccine...


I hate mowing lawns as much as the next person, unless the next person lives in Iceland.

Iceland Lawn.jpeg

 COVID is bad enough now, but it can always get worse...

Scottish variant.jpeg

As I said, we’re time rich, and Kris made the mistake of asking me 

If I wouldn’t mind tidying the shoes.

Shoes seat.jpeg

And here is a prototype for a traffic light that allows for more nuanced traffic flow...

Traffic light.jpeg

I have been so in awe of Kris’ patience and demeanour through her ordeal with her broken wrist

that I created a song and video dedicated to her amazing spirit.


It is entitled “Falling for you”

If anybody wants to help us keep making music in these times of no gigs, here is a one off tip jar. 


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