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Dear Friends,

2022 was a mixture of  odds and ends, some joys and some sorrow.
Here are just a few examples from our Beautifully Mad world

Tony won Australian Songwriter of the year in 2009 and in 2020

 Last year Tony won 

Best Lyrics for The Map & Runner up for The Day We Buried Bob @ Bunnings
Falling For You  was Runner up for Best Acoustic Song
@ the Australian Songwriter's Association Awards for 2021


Performing in September at the Tannum Island Music Festival
Under The Trees” was a hoot !!  We met and heard some brilliant new artists and caught up with some dear friends from Heron Island days.

We were up against the weather gods who prevailed this year!!
So gigs were postponed (sometimes 3 times)
Some cancelled …
Having said that it was by no means as devastating as losing everything in a flood which happened to so many people on the East Coast and SA ...
Our hearts go out to all those affected.

All our gigs have been so much fun and  the support of our fans and Patreons has kept us buoyant and positive. 

We also have a Patreon page If you'd like to become a Patreon of Beautifully Mad

If you have old photographs of loved ones that you need restored Tony has become an expert.

And so we  Welcome 2023
Some film composition projects are on the boil and some video projects keep us both busy.

May it be the Year of Peace for all  
May Kindness be instilled into the Hearts of everyone 
May Music Heal the Misery of the World
Cheers Nina  & Tony 

This beautiful image photographed by Tony is for sale as a print on canvas if you wish to purchase one use this QR CODE

 100 x 50cms - AUS $250

Shipping extra



Reason To Shine is one of my favourite Tony King songs!!
Enjoy this video made for Tony by me in December 2022

If anybody wants to help us keep making music in these times of no gigs, here is a one off tip jar. 


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