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Fishing for Music

By Tony King

Audio Book Preview


Below is a preview of a few tracks from the audio book of Fishing for music.

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Crazy and humorous short stories caught by using music as bait. Diversional therapy for people needing a laugh and distraction from this cruel world.

I have used music as bait to fish out the weird and whimsical characters of the music world.
These people are the bent coins I found stuck inside me, and I have finally poked them out with a pen.

"Tony King is one of Australia’s finest singer-songwriters, with a lateral and feverishly enquiring mind.
Organically creative, the guitar grows out of his hands and the notes are harvested like so much sweet fruit
- who better to write a book of delightfully quirky short stories about the weird and wonderful world of music
than the quintessential muso’s musician?"
- Jonathan Biggins
"Tony King employs words as one would musical notes in these finely honed mini-sagas.
 His modifiers don’t dangle, they jangle as his pen dances between descants of Keith Jarrett humming free jazz to aliens,
to ageing retired rap artists complaining of“hip-hoperations”.  A delightful collections of humoresque symphunnies from Mr King. 
These earworms for the eyes will stay with you long after the non-gender specific large-boned human sings.
A major work in a minor font."
- Paul Livingstone (AKA Flacco)

$15 EPUB Digital Edition for ipad, iPhone, KOBO, Android


Signed Print version $30 plus postage

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